Oceanzus is focused on exceeding the challenge set forth by XPRIZE, and to create a system to autonomously survey the world's oceans.

Our Team

Who Are We?

Team Oceanzus is a collection of like minded individuals from multiple disciplines and backgrounds

Oceanzus is comprised of industry experts, experienced in ocean, software, and mechanical engineering, as well as hydrographic surveyors and project managers

Our Team

Oceanzus successfully made it into the semi-finalist round for the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE

Be on the lookout for more information as Round 1 Trials begin this fall!

Oceanzus successfully made it into the semi-finalist round for the HeroX Big Ocean Button Challenge!


Alot is still unknown about the world’s oceans. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates that less than 5% of the world's oceans have been explored. This is mainly due to the fact that exploring the ocean presents a number of unique challenges. Oceanzus brings these challenges directly to your mobile device, through the Oceanzus Xplore App.

Users take on the role of an undersea vehicle pilot, in a variety of missions and scenarios that mimic those faced by the ocean exploration industry. The users will be challenged to complete a number of scenarios with limited resources and time, those constraints which are commonly faced by the undersea exploration community. The app will offer a unique experience, including a cooperative multiplayer mode, allowing users to play with friends! The missions will range from surveying areas, collecting resources, to identifying and tagging marine life. The app will feature unique locations that are geospatially relevant, with missions containing local marine life data and bathymetric features. The features contained in the Oceanzus Xplore app will provide users with a unique experience allowing them to learn about different areas of the world and their marine life.

Our Amazing Team

James Case

Team Lead

Michelle Estaphan Owen

Project Manager

Guy deWardner

Software Engineering Manager

Leverett Bezanson

System Design Engineer

Peter Girguis

NOAA Bonus Prize Lead

Vance Vicente

Subject Matter Expert - NOAA Bonus Prize

Kevin Ulmer

Industry Liaison

Virginia Hoffman

Marine Permitting & Logistics Specialist

John Irza

Mechanical and Sonar Lead

Edna Donoughe

Data Integration Lead

Shubham Garg

Engineering Student - AUV Signal Tracking

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BBC Interview with Oceanzus Teamlead

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